MFA show at Stanford University

Reversible orange and reflective silver nylon disk with aluminum frame.

If worn on the head, this "hat" expands the presence of one person to the average minimum resolution of a satellite image. The hat allows the movement of a person to be tracked from space, changing any walk into a survey. The piece uses the articulation of human movement to comment on surveillance and land use patter detection. The hat changes a single human into a surveying instrument, relying on the near constant photography from the sky to document the earth.

Satellite Hat is shown with video of the artist walking, wearing the hat in urban and rural spaces. The video is shot on the margins of the San Francisco Bay, tracing now invisible wetland patterns, both in urban context and the filled marsh areas of the North Bay. The video is projected from the wall onto a piece of Plexiglas hanging by filament. The Plexiglas breaks the image in two, reflecting it back on the wall above the projector and allowing it to go through onto the hat.